Received from NOBRA:
DISPATCH is experiencing problems receiving MEDICAL CLEARANCE pertaining to taking vessel orders.
Each VESSEL must provide NOBRA DISPATCH with an email certifying that there are NO ill crew members (CORONA VIRUS) to report or, if so, all proper measures of sanitizing the bridge have been completed.
At times the individual VESSEL’S MASTER will send an email directly to NOBRA DISPATCH, but the email is intercepted by our system’s spam blocker & placed in the “QUARANTINE FOLDER” of the email system.
This prohibits DISPATCH from receiving and opening the email; therefore, delaying the process.
We would like to have ALL AGENTS send these emails directly to NOBRA DISPATCH – – in order to avoid delays.

Regarding the Medical Clearance,
  • It’s been reported that agents sometimes face difficulties contacting the Master to get an email confirming the health of the crew in a short turnaround time.
  • So when the terminal notifies the agent to order a pilot; the agent can face delays contacting the Master to get a confirmation email sent.
For agents having difficulty reaching the Master of a ship, the following has been found acceptable by Captain Steven Hathorn, President of the NOBRA Pilots:
  • Agents can ask Masters to send confirmation emails twice a day at 0800 and 2000.  (Note: The Master should immediately notify the agent if any illness discovered between the reporting times.)
  • That way, the agents have the email readily available to send the NOBRA dispatcher when the terminal notifies the agent to order a pilot.
NOBRA reports that some of the ships have become very lax in sanitizing the bridge before the Pilot arrives.
Confirmation on the sanitizing of the bridge should be part of the emails received from the Master.
Please remind the Master of the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the bridge AND including that information in his email.