Effective Immediately:
In support of Federal, State, and Local restrictions being implemented to address the public health emergency and community spread of COVID-19, maritime crew in transit (C1) will not be allowed to self-quarantine in a hotel prior to joining a vessel. 
The Immigration and Nationalization Act (INA) defines C-1 as an alien in transit, direct and continuous travel through the United States (U.S.).  As such, crewmembers entering the U.S. in C-1 transit status can be admitted by CBP at the first point of entry for a maximum of 29 days per the terms outlined in their letter of employment in order to travel to their final point of destination to join a vessel.  If a crewmember is suspected of or exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 upon arrival at the first port of entry in the U. S., they shall be denied/refused entry pending CDC/Public Health screening.  Additionally, C1 crewmembers placed in hotels for self-quarantine circumvents the terms outlined in the INA definition of a C1, and could potentially result in the crewmember being out of status and subject to removal.
In efforts to safeguard the community and the essential maritime workforce during the ongoing COVID 19 national emergency, the Area Ports of New Orleans and Mobile, and their outlying seaports, will deny all requests from the vessel’s Master and/or agent to be quarantined/isolated for a period of 14 days prior to boarding the vessel.  In such cases, on-signing crewmembers will be isolated/quarantined onboard the vessel utilizing safeguard procedures deemed necessary by the vessel’s Master.
Questions or concerns may be directed to the respective CBP Port Director, or for the Port of New Orleans, Chief Kevin Alombro atkevin.m.alombro@cbp.dhs.gov or (504) 670-2050.