NOBRA Pilots have advised that when ordering their services, the following will be asked if the agent when the order is placed:

  • Does any  crew member have symptoms of Coronavirus including a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater, cough, trouble breathing or body aches?
  • Additionally has the vessel complied with Captain of The Port, New Orleans, MSIB Volume XX issue:035, COVID-19 Vessel Precautions, Dated March 17, 2020?
  • We are anticipating that the Crescent Pilots will also be asking similar questions when ordering their services.  We in communication with all three pilot groups and will provide updates as received.

LAMA Recommendation:    It’s suggested that agents establish contact with each vessel daily to ascertain the condition of the crew.  Also check immediately before ordering a Pilot. Be proactive.   Reach out.   Have the Master report affirmative there are no illnesses on board.   If there is an illness reported contact the USCG COTP immediately.   Finally, keep records of the calls.