Chalmette Refinery Safety Protocols 031820

The following safety protocols are now in effect at PBF/Chalmette Refinery docks until further notice.

  1. Crew changes, agent boarding, etc. for barges and ships will take place via launch boat (instead of across the dock) unless not possible. When personnel have to go across the dock, they won’t have any close contact (within 6′) with dock personnel. The ship’s agency will be responsible for the associated launch fees.
  2. No one other than PBF personnel will be allowed in the dock offices.
  3. Dock personnel will not board any vessels which means dock vessel inspection will be suspended.
  4. Vessel inspectors (gauging & sampling) will access vessels via the dock but will not have any close contact with dock personnel.
    Communication between the inspector and dock personnel to be by phone or email only.
    Completed paperwork will be emailed to the dock personnel and PTL from aboard the vessel.
  5. The pretransfer conference will take place on the dock.
    Tables and pop up covers will be set up on the docks so the conference can take place out of the weather in the event of rain.
    Dock personnel will wear surgical gloves when completing paperwork.
    Dock and vessel personnel will not share pens or have any physical contact.
    Radios issued to vessel personnel will be disinfected prior to issuing and when returned.
    Clip board used in pretransfer conference will be disinfected after each use.

If you have any questions or need clarification please call the Dock Office at (504) 281-1247 / 6138 or Tony Henry at (504) 583-0147 or Jeremy Stallings at (504) 416-9690.