ZGC High Water March 2020

Received from Lori Pichon at Zen-Noh:

“With the river projections showing the river going up another ½ to ¾ of a foot to 31.1ft and holding for a week or more.  We have made the decision to pull the bridge at 8:30 3/3/20.  Attached you will find the High River Stage OP document. 

Please note that if someone (other than the agent) needs access to a vessel they can do so thru a launch.
They have to be on our gate list.
Our gate list email is gatelist@zgcusa.com.
The vessel name needs to be the first word in our subject line.

A pilot has to be escorted by a Zen-Noh Employee to the vessel. They are to go to the guard shack and remain there until one of our guys can pick them up.”

If you have any questions, reach out to Lori at (985)871-2503 or lori.pichon@zgcusa.com.