CBP New Orleans has issued a blanket day in departure due to recent and ongoing fog closures. See the attached Southern Currents for documentation.

SUBJECT: Extended Blanket Delay in Departure Due to Daily LMR Closures – Dense Fog Conditions

Southern Currents 20-008.pdf

Blanket Delay in Departure:
The CBP Area Port Director has approved an extended blanket Delay in Departure for those vessels unable to depart the lower Mississippi River because of daily U.S. Coast Guard River Closures due to dense fog conditions.

This blanket Delay in Departure grants additional time for vessels to depart port after Friday morning December 13, 2019.

All vessels currently held in port due to river closures have until Wednesday December 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM to depart without having to surrender and cancel previously granted clearances.

There is no requirement to have a Vessel Entrance and Clearance Specialist (VECS) stamp/annotate a vessel’s clearance “Delay in Departure” when a blanket Delay in Departure is authorized.

A delay in departure does not provide additional time for filing complete outbound manifests and export declarations.

Direct questions about this trade notice to Supervisor Frank Foster at (504) 670-2057 or via e- mail at frank.d.foster@cbp.dhs.gov.