LMR is OPEN to navigation.

The Dredge GEORGIA is extending approximately 1,000 ft into the navigable channel from the LDB at MM-99.5 AHOP, restricting two-way traffic in the area. Ships and large towing vessels are advised to avoid meeting or overtaking between MM-99 and MM-100. Smaller ships and tows, and all light boats, should find that there’s enough room to meet and overtake in this area, but must make passing arrangements prior to doing so. For further information, vessels may contact the dredge on VHF FM Ch-67, or VTS LMR on VHF FM Ch-12.

1. Pilot Operations Restrictions

NOBRA – (Click here and here)
CRPPA – (Click here)
Fed Pilots – (Click here)

2. Controlling Drafts

08/28/2019 – CRPPA Draft Restriction – 47’ – (Click here)
08/28/2019 – BAR Pilot – 46’ – (Click here)
08/22/2019 – Federal Pilots 45’ – (Click here)