I attended a meeting with NOBRA Board of Examiner’s President Captain Michael Heitmeier today to discuss the current daylight only transit restrictions.
Those restrictions remain in place.
However, Captain Heitmeier said he would be consulting senior pilots during this week with the intent to get back to normal operations “as soon as possible”.
Captain Heitmeier also offered:
  • They would look at possibly conducting nighttime shifts between anchorages and docks.  A decision on that could be forthcoming sooner.
  • Also, all anchorages are open in the NOBRA area and they are taking ships.  Ships are safely holding in place in the anchorages. So if there’s anchorage space available, bring the ship up.
  • NOBRA Pilots can be ordered for as early as 0600.  All possible procedures should be completed so the ship is ready to sail as close to 0600 as possible.
  • NOBRA will work to coordinate to have up bound vessels at The Point at 0600 if possible.
  • While the “daylight only” restriction is in place, the pilot on board the vessel does have the discretion to decide to move a vessel during night hours.
Any further updates will be provided upon receipt.