LMR is OPEN to navigation High Water Pilot Restrictions per below.

See the USCG MSIB Section on page 11 for High Water Advisories of the morning report.
 The additional following notices are in effect:

1. High Water Operations Restrictions

NOBRA – (Click here)
CRPPA – (Click here) & (Here) & (Here)
Fed Pilots – (Click here)

2. Controlling Drafts

04/17/2019 – CRPPA Draft Restriction – 44’ – (Click here)
08/04/2019 – BAR Pilot – 44’ – (Click here)
08/05/2019 – Federal Pilots 44’ – (Click here)

NOTE: Please be advised that the fax line, (225) 869-8909, at the Port of Gramercy is unable to receive or transmit facsimiles. To quickly process any lade orders, diversions, etc. please email the request to GRAMERCY-POE@cbp.dhs.gov. All other phone lines are operational and if you have any questions contact the Port of Gramercy at (225) 869-3765.