Vessel agents please forward to Vessel Masters
The USCG reports that they have only 25 reports from the 127 ships!!!!!!
Reports are REQUIRED by 1500, local, today!
  • All self-propelled ocean going vessels over 500 Gross Tons, and
  • All oceangoing barges, and their supporting tugs that are located below the Huey P. Long Bridge at MM 106 Above Head of Passes (AHP) on the Lower Mississippi River (LMR),
Are required to submit a Remaining In Port Checklist (RIPC) prior to 1500 local time, July 11, 2019. 
Vessels are only required to submit the first page of the RIPC reporting tool. Vessels are not required to submit additional mooring plans.

  • Vessels shall complete the Remaining in Port Checklist (Click here).
  • For the Ocean Barges and Tugs Checklist (Click here).
  • Vessels should keep the Checklist on board and available for inspection from any USCG official.
  • Vessels must fill out and submit page one of Remain In Port Checklist Reporting Tool (Click here).
  • Submit page one fax or e-mail the reporting tool to the Vessel Traffic Service at (504) 365-2519 or e-mail to: D08-PF-VTSNEWORLEANS-LMR@USCG.MIL

(Right click on (Click here) then click on “Open Link”)