SUBJECT Blanket Delay in Departure Due to Potential Cyclone 2 

Blanket Delay in Departure:
The CBP Area Port Director has approved a blanket Delay in Departure for those vessels unable to depart the lower Mississippi River due to high seas in the Gulf of Mexico and port closures associated with the storm.
The blanket Delay in Departure grants an additional 24 hours for vessels to depart port after clearance has been granted, i.e. allows a vessel up to 72 hours to sail after clearance.
Example:  The delay in departure for a vessel’s clearance granted on Tuesday, September 4 allows until Friday September 7, for the vessel to depart.
There is no requirement to have a Vessel Entrance and Clearance Specialist (VECS) stamp/annotate a vessel’s clearance “Delay in Departure” when a blanket Delay in Departure is authorized.
If a vessel cannot depart within 72 hours the original clearance should be surrendered to the Marine Desk which granted the clearance, and cancelled.  A fax copy of the clearance will not be accepted.
A delay in departure does not provide additional time for filing complete outbound manifests and export declarations.
Questions in the Port of New Orleans should be directed to Supervisor Frank Foster at (504) 670-2057 or via e-mail at
Troy Simon
Assistant Port Director
Port of New Orleans
New Orleans Field Office
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Office: (504) 670-2214