The USCG held a Port Coordination Team conference today.  Here is a summary of that meeting.

NOAA/NWS Crest Predictions

  • The LMR should crest at 20’ at New Orleans at noon on Saturday.
    • The ‘crest’ should be a 24-hour event from rise to crest to fall.
    • Unsure what kind of rainfall event will happen during that period of time.


  • All locks fully operational at this time.
    • Possible overtopping at IHNC and Harvey locks. Steps being taken to protect structures.
  • Bonne Carre Spillway is open.
    • No plan to open more gates at this time.



  • BAR
    • Operations closed.
    • Beginning to make plans to move BAR equipment out of Venice.
  • CRPPA – 
    • 122 ships in port and 28 ships outside.
    • Will safely move in-harbor moves if they can safely be done and if a pilot can make it to the ship.
  • NOBRA – Continue to move ships in AOR (anchorages to dock and vice versa).
  • Federal Pilots – Possibly will move last vessel in at 0700 tomorrow. No guarantee.
    • Waived off other inbound vessels tomorrow.



    • At that this time;not surethe RNA will be enacted.
    • Port Condition Whiskey to be set shortly (today).
      • Expect rapid progression through the Port Conditions to Zulu (Friday).
      • Note: Port Condition Zulu will effectively shut downall vessel movementsin the port.