I’ve been asked if there are any estimates on how long it will take to clear the backlog of vessels.
I have no estimates.
I wish I knew.

According to the 01/07/2019 USCG vetted list:
  • There are 151 vessels cleared to enter the LMR over the next 5 days.
  • There are 111 vessels on the LMR at this time.
Today’s 0700 Anchorage Report shows approximately 62 vessels in SWP anchorage.
  • Some are waiting to enter.
  • Some are just waiting for orders.
  • The average time in SWP Anchorage is 2.6 days.
    • 4 vessels have been there over 10 days:
      • 1 @ 10 days
      • 1 @ 11 days
      • 1 @ 30 days
      • 1 @ 25 days
  • If you remove these 4 vessels from the calculation; the average time in SWP for the other 58 vessels is 1.55 days.
By convoying vessels, the Pilots are entering/sailing approximately (+/-) 60 vessels a day.
  • That figure combines inbounds and outbounds.
  • That figure does not include vessel shifts.
  • Currently there are two areas on the river that allow ‘one-way’ traffic only.
You may make your own conclusions from those numbers.
Ronald W. Branch, CAPT. USCG (Ret.) 
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