The US Coast Guard has just forwarded me a list of vessels that HAVE NOT REPORTED their status in accordance with USCG REQUIREMENTS.
The list is attached.  Vessels highlighted in yellow have not in compliance with the reporting requirements. The associated vessel agents have been identified according to AIS or the USCG Vetted List.  If there is an error, please respond to this email.
ALL AGENTS SHOULD ADVISE VESSELS to meet the USCG requirements (see below) now.
USCG Requirement
All self-propelled ocean going vessels over 500 Gross Tons, all oceangoing barges, and their supporting tugs below the Huey P. Long Bridge at MM 106 above Head of Passes (AHP) on the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) are required to report their intentions to depart or remain in port in accordance with the MHCPP prior to 2200 local time, September 3, 2018. 
  1. Inform the Vessel Traffic Service one of the following:
    The vessel is remaining in port; or
    The vessel is departing port.
  2. Vessels planning to remain in port shall complete the Remain In Port Checklist (RIPC) and submit the RIPC Reporting Tool.
NOTE:   Vessels are only required to submit the first page of the RIPC Reporting Tool.  (Click here)
Vessels are not required to submit additional mooring plans.
Vessels should report their intentions and/or submit the completed RIPC Report to the Vessel Traffic Service at:
Fax (504) 365-2519, or e-mail to: D08-PF-VTSNEWORLEANS-LMR@USCG.MIL
For the Remaining In Port Checklist —>  (Click here)  DO NOT SUBMIT – COMPLETE AND RETAIN ON BOARD
For the Remaining in Port Reporting Tool for Ocean Going Vessels —> (Click hereSUBMIT FIRST PAGE ONLY IF VESSEL IS REMAINING IN PORT
For the Remaining In Port Reporting Tool for Ocean Going Barges and Supporting Tugs —>  (Click here) SUBMIT FIRST PAGE ONLY IF VESSEL IS REMAINING IN PORT