Slowbell and No Wake.pdf

Updated: July 29, 2013

No Wake Areas

Due to various ongoing operations in the Vessel Traffic Service Area, the following no wake requests are in effect:

  1. Heavy Lift ops @ MM 57 AHOP, LDB
  2. Nustar Dock 2 for pile driving operations at MM 160

Slow Bell Safety Advisory


A slow bell is requested for Southwest Pass from Head of Passes Mile 0.0 to the Lower Jetty and Bar Channel, and the Mississippi River from Head of Passes to Mile 10.5 Above Head of Passes. Operations will continue 24 hours a day. This request is extending dredging operations for the dredges BAYPORT and NEWPORT from July 10, 2013 until August 31, 2013. All mariners are requested to transit at their slowest safe speed and use caution when transiting within the area. The dredges BAYPORT and NEWPORT, may be contacted on marine channel 16 or 67 during operations or, POC Michelle Kornick may be contacted by phone 504- 862-1842 for further information.

7/29/2013 – Mariners are advised the Dredge Reed will be operating @ Nashville Ave and will extend 500ft into the channel from the LDB. A slowbell is requested in the area.