Marine Safety Information Bulletins

MSIB XIX-05307/15/2019 RNA East Open
MSIB XIX-05207/14/2019 USCG Post-Tropical Storm Barry Safety Advisory- Morgan City – Port Allen Alternate Route
MSIB XIX-05007/13/2019 USCG COTP New Orleans MSIB – Set Port Condition Normal
MSIB XIX-04907/12/2019 USCG Set Port Condition ZULU
MSIB XIX-04807/11/2019 USCG sets Port Condition YANKEE
MSIB XIX-04707/11/2019 USCG Set’s Port Condition X-Ray
MSIB XIX-04607/10/2019 Pre/Post Storm Barge Fleet Reporting
MSIB XIX-04507/10/2019 RNA Enforcement
MSIB XIX-04407/10/2019 USCG Sets Port Condition WHISKEY – VESSEL ACTION NEEDED!
MSIB 005-01907/02/2019 FONAR – Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Non-Availability – Change in Reporting
MSIB XIX-04206/24/2019 Upcoming Channel Closures for Fireworks Displays within COTP New Orleans Zone 29JUN-4JUL2019
MSIB XIX-04106/19/2019 Safety Zone for Fireworks – Thursday, June 20
MSIB XIX-03605/28/2019 Bayou Sorrel High Water Safety Advisory 6.5′ Falling
MSIB05/15/2019 USCG – Harvey Canal Sector Gate Closed for Repairs
MSIB XIX-03105/13/2019 High Water Safety Advisory Wilkinson Point
MSIB XIX-03205/11/2019 Bayou Sorrel Lock Temporarily Closed
MSIB XIX-03005/10/2019 Bayou Sorrel High Water Safety Advisory
MSIB XIX-028d04/30/2019 Baton Rouge Above 40′ Safety Advisory
MSIB XIX-02904/26/2019 Krotz Springs Railroad Bridge Repair
MSIB XIX-028c04/10/2019 Baton Rouge Above 40′ Safety Advisory
MSIB XIX-02804/03/2019 Baton Rouge Above 40′ Safety Advisory
MSIB XIX-027b03/29/2019 UPDATE to Additional USCG Towing Vessel Safety Precautions During High Water
MSIB XIX-02403/06/2019 High Water Safety Advisory VTS Measure MM 167.5 to 254.5 Above 43 Feet
MSIB XIX-02303/04/2019 Vessel Safety Advisory During Restricted Visibility
MSIB XIX-01902/27/2019 Temp Safety Zone MM 93-96, Mar 4, 2019
MSIB XIX-02202/27/2019 Baton Rouge 40′ and Rising Safety Advisory
MSIB 00-00002/23/2019USCG MSIB – Baton Rouge 38′ and Rising Safety Advisory
MSIB XIX-01702/22/2019 Carrollton Gauge at 15 Feet and Rising
MSIB XIX-02002/22/2019 Bonnet Carre Spillway Opening
MSIB XIX-01802/19/2019 Baton Rouge above 35′ Update
MSIB XIX-01201/25/2019 Vessel Warping Advisory
MSIB XIX-00801/16/2019 LMR Now Open to Navigation MM 15 -18
MSIB XIX-00401/16/2019 Carrollton Gauge at 15′ and Rising
MSIB XIX-00601/15/2019 High Water Safety Advisory – Baton Rouge MM 167.5 – MM 245.5
MSIB 00-00001/07/2019VTS Measure MM 02 – 04 AHP – UPDATE & CRPPA Draft Restriction
MSIB XVIII-10012/28/2018 Moving Safety Zone – Dead Ship Tow
MSIB 00-00012/21/2018USACE Revetment Operations at MM-50.4 Are Temporarily Suspended
MSIB XVIII-09612/20/2018 Corps 2018 Revetment Schedule and Transit Restrictions 122018
MSIB XVIII-09512/18/2018 High Water Safety Advisory MM219-MM240 AHP
MSIB XVIII-09612/18/2018 Gravolet Revetment Operations MM 50.4
MSIB XVIII-08712/17/2018 English Turn Revetment Operations MM 76.5 – Revision
MSIB XVIII-08712/15/2018 English Turn Revetment Operations MM 76.5
MSIB XVIII-09412/14/2018 Carrollton Gauge 12′ and Rising
MSIB XVIII-086B12/07/2018 Correction, Additional Information U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
MSIB XVIII-086b12/06/2018 Additional Information – U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River MSIB 086B
MSIB XVIII-086b12/06/2018U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
MSIB 00-00011/28/2018Revetment Operations Restrictions – Amended – 12 Mile Anchorage Closed
MSIB 00-00011/28/2018USCG MSIB – Carrollton Gauge 12′ and Falling
MSIB XVIII-08611/26/2018 REMINDER – MM 81 AHP Vessel Transit Restrictions
MSIB XVIII-08611/23/2018 Amended Poydras Revetment Operations MM 81 AHP
MSIB 00-00011/23/2018Revetment Ops – 12 Mile Anchorage Restrictions
MSIB 00-00011/14/2018USCG MSIB – Carrollton Gauge 12′ and Rising
MSIB 00-00010/24/2018USCG MSIB – Sunshine Bridge Operations – Main Channel Open
MSIB 00-00010/24/2018USCG MSIB – Today’s Sunshine Bridge Channel Closure
MSIB XVIII-07110/03/2018 One Way Traffic IVO MM 157.3 AHP, RDB
MSIB XVIII-06709/26/2018 Carrollton Gauge 8 Feet and Rising
MSIB XVIII-06209/05/2018 Set Port Condition NORMAL
MSIB XVIII-05808/23/2018 Fireworks Safety Zone
MSIB XVIII-05708/21/2018 Boat Race Safety Zone
MSIB 00-00007/04/2018Safety Zones – River Closures for Fireworks Display JULY 4, 2018
MSIB 00-00006/29/2018VTS Measure – No meeting or overtaking, ships and large tows, MM-117.3 to MM-118.3
MSIB 00-00006/28/2018USCG Safety Zones for Fireworks Displays June 30 – July 4
MSIB 00-00006/25/2018USCG MSIB – LMR VTS Measure MM 90-91 AHP – General Anchorage
MSIB 00-00006/07/2018MSIB 50 – MM 219 to MM 240, Baton Rouge 26’ and Falling Supersedes MSIB 45
MSIB 00-00006/04/2018USCG High Water Restrictions 2018
MSIB 00-00006/01/2018USCG MSIB – Carrollton Gauge at 9 Feet and Falling
MSIB XVIII-04605/25/2018 Safety Zone for Fireworks Tonight
MSIB XVIII-04305/14/2018 Carrollton Gauge at 12 Feet and Falling
MSIB 00-00004/29/2018Release of Fuel Oil Near Shell Norco, MM 126
MSIB XVIII-04705/25/2017 Hurricane Season 2018