The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) upcoming revetment operations at the White Castle location have been adjusted and the changes below have just been confirmed. The latest schedule of revetment operations for the first site this Fiscal Year on the Mississippi River Ship Channel are now expected to begin on Monday, October 3, 2022 with a complete closure to deep-draft or ship traffic in the area of White Castle at Mile 193.6 on the right descending bank during working hours. Deep-draft or ship traffic will not be allowed to transit through this area from 0600 hours until 1900 hours on the work days show below under 2022 Scheduled Dates. 

2022 USACE Revetment Schedule and Restrictions Locations Below Baton Rouge 

Locations Mile

(Right or Left)

2022 Scheduled Dates Transit Restrictions
White Castle       193.6  RDB

193.4  RDB

193.4  RDB

192.7  RDB

192.7  RDB

October 3 to October 7

October 7

October 10 to October 15

November 16 to November 18

November 21 to November 26

No deep-draft transits during working

hours. MSU will fold in at night.

“Please note there are other locations previously listed, the transit restrictions at White Castle will be the most stringent and the first site on the Ship Channel this Fiscal Year.