The revetment operations at the Aben/Bringier Point (Mile 172.5 AHP) location have ended until further notice.

 The Mat Sinking Unit (MSU) operations could not safely continue at this location with the elevated and soon to be cresting river stages.

 The revetment operations at the Missouri Bend (Mile 219.3 AHP) location will commence tomorrow morning, with the working hours of 0600 hours to 1900 hours.  The work at Missouri Bend will be conducted with one-way transits and a slow bell request during working hour, the MSU will fold in at night.

The Corps is working on revisions to the schedule of work and is evaluting a return to Aben during lower river stages.  The work at Missiouri Bend will be followed by a move downriver to St. Alice (Mile 163.8 RDB) and/or Aben/Bringier Point.

Location Mile

(Right or Left)

2019 Scheduled Date(s) Restriction
Missouri Bend 219.3 RDB December 16 to December 22

December 26 to December 27

One-way transits with slow

bell during working hours.

MSU to fold in at night.

The revetment operations at Missouri Bend are scheduled to break at noon on Sunday, December 22nd and resume at noon on Thursday, December 26th.