The LMR is below 12 feet on the Carrollton Gauge.
Per the attached CRPPA Letter of 2/22/19, the following CRPPA navigation provisions are currently in effect:
 ft River Carrolton Gauge (Below 12’)
• Below 8 feet Maximum length for General Anchorage 500 ft 
• 8ft and above Maximum length for General Anchorage 600 It 
• Head downs (daylight only) 
• Stern first Chalmette Slip (daylight only) 

Note:  The Daylight Only restriction remains in place in the NOBRA Area of Operations.


8 ft River Carrolton Gauge

  • Below 8 feet Maximum length for General Anchorage.  500 ft
  • 8ft and above Maximumlength for General Anchorage.  600 ft
  • Head downs (daylight only)
  • Stern first Chalmette Slip (daylight only)


12 ft River Carrolton Gauge

  • Any mooring operations requiring a line boat. (daylight only)
  • Chalmette Slip (daylight only) two tractor tugs; No sternfirst
  • No head downs


16 ft River Carrolton Gauge

  • Vessel draft in excess of 30 ft or greater and pilot ordered after 1600 hrsand fog predicted: Minimum one assist tug required