Beginning Friday 8/2/2019 8:57 AM Eastern USCG NVMC systems for eNOAD via eMail became inaccessible. Please share with others in your office who submit the eNOAD. Submitters will be unable to submit eNOAD via email until the issue is resolved. Submitters or their agents may still submit via the eNOAD Website or via the Web Service. The immediate impact will be vessels trying to depart due to eNOD not being required until a minimum one hour before departing. Contact the local CBP office if you are unable to file your departure as an eNOD and need to depart. Some submitters may also be delayed in submitting their Initial Arrivals within the minimum timeframes. There may be some data loss of emailed submissions attempted until the issue becomes resolved and submitters may need to resubmit. For futher questions please contact the NVMC at 304-264-2502 or at