The CBP Phone lines are still down.
See temporary numbers below.

SUBJECT:  Customhouse phones Inoperable 

Please be advised that due to a technical malfunction, the phones in the Customhouse are unable to receive incoming calls.   In order to schedule an appointment at the Marine Desk, please call 504-915-8866.   In the interim, this will be the temporary telephone number until further notice.  The Marine Desk can still be reached via email at   
The CBP Operations desk (504-670-2270) is also unable to receive calls.  All phone calls for the CBP Operations desk are being forwarded to the CBP Office KMSY via CBP Sector.  In the interim, if you need to contact the Operations desk directly, call 504-218-3511.  This line will be available from 0600hrs – 1430hrs.  To ensure all vessel notifications are received/acknowledged, please utilize our group email at  We hope to have this phone issue resolved as soon as possible. 
Thank you,
Matthew Johnson, SCBPO
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Desk: 504-670-2058
Cell: 504-915-8873
Fax: 504-670-2490