The USCG hosted a Port Coordination Team conference today.  Here is a summary of that meeting.
NOAA/NWS Report  (See 1400 Hrs Update Attached)
Hurricane BARRY has been downgraded to TS BARRY
Possible Impacts:
  • River has crested off the storm surge.
  • Still looking 8” – 12” of rainfall over the LMR area above New Orleans.
    • Forecasts for rainfall amounts for the City of New Orleans and below have been reduced well below the 8”-12”.
  • Harvey lock closed.
  • Algiers lock operational.
  • IHNC lock closed.
  • Two SWP Hopper Dredges returning to work at the Master’s discretion.
  • Blanket Delay in Departure/Marine Division Hours/Emergency Contact.  (Click here)
Flood Protection Sectors
  • Surge barrier protection and sector gates closed.
  • Monitoring.  “May” be able to open in the next 36 hours.
  • Port Condition Zulu COTP New Orleans (Closure of Port-Stop all vessel movements) set.  (Click here)
    • Regarding Ship Traffic:
      • USCG has asked to have Pilot boats conduct a centerline survey when they eventually make the transit back downriver.
      • “Possible” opening for deep-draft vessels tomorrow morning.
      • Planning on letting the cruise ship enter this evening.
    • Regarding Tow/Barge Traffic:
      • At this time, the USCG is “considering” reopening the LMR to barge/tow traffic ‘possibly’ this evening.  
      • IHNC and Harvey locks will not reopen until tomorrow sometime at the earliest – so no locking operations.
      • “Intra-harbor” and up-river transits “possible” this evening..   
The USCG will issue an MSIB with any updates – expected this afternoon.
The following was reported by the various Pilot Presidents:
  • BAR 
    • Already have a pilot on board the Carnival Cruise ship (Flew down to Cozumel and boarded ship there).  Expect to bring the ship this evening.
    • Working on plans to get all pilots and boats back on station once conditions allow.
    • Making plans on getting pilots back on station once conditions allow.
    • Will coordinate with the BAR Pilots to bring in the Cruise Ship.
    • Suggest opening navigation tomorrow ’the earlier the better’ due to daylight transit restrictions.
  • Federal – 
    • Report 5’ seas about Light 8.
    • Preparing to have pilots available once navigation begins.
  • GICA – Monitoring.
  • GNOBFA – Monitoring.
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