The USCG hosted a Port Coordination Team conference today.  Here is a summary of that meeting.
NOAA/NWS Report  (See 1400 Hrs Update Attached)
Possible Impacts:
  • Tropical Storm Barry.
  • Current landfall near Morgan City with sustained wind speed near 75 MPH.
  • Moving very slow at 4-5 MPH which increases threat of rainfall.
  • Rainfall totals of  10 to 20 inches are possible through Monday, with a high chance of locally higher amounts leading to life threatening flash flooding. 
  • Higher than normal tides and gusty winds will also be possible depending on the eventual track, size and strength of the system. 
  • Coastal Flooding will become an issue as storm surge is expected to develop with this system. 
  • Storm surge values of 3 to 6 feet are possible in the warning area, 2 to 4 feet in the watch area, and 1 to 3 feet inside Lake Pontchartrain and Maurepas.
  • Additionally, a few weak/brief tornadoes may be possible, especially near coastal areas of southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi today and this threat will persist through Saturday.
  • New Orleans Carrollton Gage Forecast reduced to 19’ late Friday into Saturday.
SWP – (Source: WeatherOps)
  • Hurricane force winds will likely develop Friday into Friday night. 
  • In response to this, seas across the north central Gulf will likely build in excess of 20 feet, especially for locations east and southeast of the center of the storm.
  • Harvey lock closed.
  • Algiers lock is open and closure is not expected (will stop locking if/when Port Condition Zulu is set).
  • IHNC lock still open – expected to close this evening after vessels locked through. Locking one-way to the river.
    • Possible overtopping at IHNC and Harvey locks.  Steps being taken to protect structures.
  • Bonne Carre Spillway is open.  
    • No plan to open more gates at this time.
  • Blanket Delay in Departure Southern Currents Issued.  (Click here)
Flood Protection Sectors
  • Closing surge barrier protection gates across the GIWW this evening.
  • Seabrook to close within 4 hours after that.
The following was reported by the various Pilot Presidents:
  • BAR – 
    • Operations have shutdown.  Equipment (boats) has been evacuated.
    • Oakville floodgate on HWY 23 to be closed at 2:00 pm closing vehicle traffic to Venice.
    • Will move equipment and people back down after the storm as soon as they can.
  • CRPPA –  
    • Moving about 3 ships at this time in-harbor shifts.  
    • Very limited movement of ships, all within CRRPA zone, at this time.
  • NOBRA – 
    • In order to minimize the number of ships at anchorages which in-turn reduces the danger to the levees, the following applies:
      • NOBRA will swap a ship from an anchorage to a dock, with a ship from that dock to that anchorage (one-for-one) in NOBRA area of responsibility AOR only.
      • NOBRA will not move vessels up from the lower river to anchorages in their AOR.
      • NOBRA will not shift a vessel from a dock to an anchorage if there’s no vessel in that anchorage that’s moving to that dock.
  • Federal – 
    • Moving 4 vessels from anchorage to dock.
    • Sailing 1 vessel for cross-out at 1500-1700 this evening.
    • Will continue ops as normal until prohibited by weather of COTP Order (Zulu).
    • SWP Ops will cease effective at 1700 this evening.
    • Remaining In Port Checklist DUE NOW!!!  (Applies to all Ocean Going Vessels over 500 GT on the LMR from SWP to Baton Rouge) (See attached email)
    • RNA has been enacted.  
    • Port Condition X-Ray set.
      • Expect rapid progression to Yankee (later today) and Port Conditions to Zulu (Friday AM). 
      • Note:  Port Condition Zulu will effectively shut down all vessel movements in the port.