The USCG held a Port Coordination Team conference today. Here is a summary of that meeting.Current River Stages

  • The LMR stage at BR today (0800) was at 43.85 feet, up 0.04’ over the last 24 hours. 
  • The LMR stage at New Orleans today (1100 Hours) was at 16.69 feet, up 0.06’ over the last 24 hours

NOAA/NWS Crest Predictions

  • The LMR at Baton Rouge is cresting now through March 19. 
  • The LMR at New Orleans is cresting now through April 5.
    • The operation of the Bonnet Carré Spillway will artificially control the crest at 17 feet (approximately) and maintain the maximum flow at New Orleans at or below 1.25 million cfs.
  • Note: Forecast shows that snow melt and rainfall in the north is expected to prolong the high water but not result in higher levels than recently experienced.


  • Bonne Carre Spillway is open. 
    • 206 Bays are open.
    • 10 bays are planned to beclosedtoday.
  • Dredge Update
    • 3 Hopper Dredges working Cubit’s Gap and Head of Passes areas.
    • 1 Cutterhead working at MM 15.0 BHOP
    • Two dredges down for repairs. One expected to return to work this Sunday; the other later next week.


  • BAR – 
    • Maximum Recommended Draft is 41’. (Click here)
    • Watching surveys.
    • SWP High Tide Entry Window Restriction. (Click here)
  • CRPPA – 
    • Maximum Recommended Draft is 41′. (Click here)
    • Will stop using General Anchorage immediately. Those there will stay until they leave. But no more will go in.
      • Until the river drops below 15’. 
    • High Water Operating Restrictions Are in Effective (Click here)
      • Reminder – At a 16’ Carrollton Gauge,and
        • Downbound vessels with a draft of 30’ or greater,and
          • A pilot is ordered after 1600 Hours,and
          • Fog is predicted;then
            • Minimum One Assist Tug is Required.
  • NOBRA – 
    • See 16’ High Water Restrictions. (Click here)
    • Still experiencing problems holding vessels in anchorage. 
      • Request vessels proceed north when any time required in anchorage is minimized.
  • Federal Pilots – 


  • Salvors working sunken towboat in Baton Rouge Anchorage.(Anchorage closed)
  • Salvors working sunken barges (2) in Belmont Anchorage.(Anchorage closed)
  • Salvors working sunken towboat at MM 132.6.
  • Two allision incidents occurred near MM 144 this week are being investigated.
  • See current MSIB’s below in High River Restrictions.
  • Port Assessment Teams are out making inspections.
  • Bonne Carre Anchorage is closed.
  • Overflights are being conducted.

Current USCG High River Restrictions (See here—> Link)RWBSincerely,
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