The CRPPA has reported that they will cease using General Anchorage immediately. Vessels are dragging anchors and have snagged anchors and anchor chains.Those vessels in the anchorage can remain; but once they leave, no vessels will be brought in.This is expected to continue until the LMR is at 15’ and falling.
NOBRA is reporting that vessels are having trouble hold position in the anchorages. This is resulting in Pilots remaining on board the vessels at anchor. Therefore, NOBRA will accept those vessels that intend to stay in anchorage only a short time (they recently declined to take a vessel indicating they wanted to anchor for 6 days). NOBRA is asking for vessels to proceed northbound only when expected anchorage time is minimized (berths are available).
As a reminder: Baton Rouge Anchorage is closed due to sunken vessel. Belmont Anchorage is closed due to sunken barges. Bonne Carre Anchorage is closed due to the opening of the spillway.