The LMR at the sunken barge between MM 152 to MM 156, is now open to navigation.  A one-way transit restriction is in place until further notice.Additionally, due to the proximity of the sunken barge near Belmont Anchorage; no vessels will be anchored in the upper part of the anchorage, and the anchorage will be limited to just 1 vessel until further notice.
I’ve attached a image of the sonar capture of the barge

According to Surveyor, the barge sank in 71.2′ of water with 50′ of vertical clearance. The northern end of the barge is located at MM 154. The vessel is 200 ft long x 35 ft wide x 12 and loaded with coal. She is lying almost parallel to the channel, meaning the southern end of the barge is located approximately 200 ft south of the GPS coordinate above.

Official Notice is below.

ACL 97008 Down Scan 11MAR2019.jpeg

In accordance with 33 CFR 161.11, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is implementing a one-way traffic measure on the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) from MM 153 to MM 155 AHP due to a sunken barge at MM154.0 Approximately 600ft off the LDB. Vessels are directed to transit at slowest safe speed and to give a wide berth in the vicinity of the sunken barge. Additionally, Belmont Anchorage will be limited to one vessel at a time.
For more information, contact the VTS LMR on VHF FM CH 05A or at (504) 365-2514. Updates and/or changes will be broadcast via Safety Broadcast Notice to Mariners and/or industry-wide email distribution.

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