Fog and high water related restrictions continue to interrupt vessel navigation.

According to the pilots; there are approximately 150 ships in the river at this time, with another 60+ off SWP. The BAR pilots report moving 38 ships yesterday.At this time; SWP is still socked in with fog preventing the movement of vessels. And, fog is predicted at Algiers for tonight at approximately 1800. The pilots will look to move vessels in convoys as conditions allow in an attempt to clear backups in the river and in SWP. There is a predicted weather front forecast to move through the area Sunday night/Monday morning with clear weather to follow. It is the hope that that clear weather will allow an opportunity to sail/cross-in vessels without interruption. In the meantime; as stated above, pilots will move vessels as opportunities present themselves.Please keep pilot orders current and up to date.
I will provide updates as received.

Ronald W. Branch, CAPT. USCG (Ret.) 
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