LMR is CLOSED to navigation at Algiers Point at MM 93.5 to MM 95.0 due to fog.Time of Closure: Tuesday, 10:30 pm (local) 05 Feb 2019.

Previous Closures:
Time of Closure: Monday, 9:30 pm, 04 Feb 2019.TimeofReopening:Tuesday,1:15pm,05Feb2019. Time of Closure: Sunday, 8:00 pm, 03 Feb 2019.Time of Reopening: Monday, 11:45 pm, 04 Feb 2019.

1. UPDATE: The main navigation channel of the Sunshine Bridge remains open. The alternate span is now open to inland tow vessel traffic only. Burnside Anchorage is now open from MM 166.5 to MM 167.0. (Click here)

2. BAR SWP Entry Restrictions (Click here) Federal Pilots SWP Entry Restrictions (Click here).

3. High Water Restrictions – NOBRA (Click here), CRPPA (Click here), Fed Pilots (Click here).

4. Updated 01/17/2019 – CRPPA Draft Restriction – 45’ Suggested Maximum Draft/One- Way Traffic – (Click here).

5. 02/01/2019 – BAR Pilot – SWP Draft Restriction – 44’ Recommended Maximum Freshwater Draft From SWP Sea Buoy to MM 1.5 AHOP – (Click here).

6. USCBP Blanket Delay in Departure Due to Fog Delays – Until Feb 7. (Click here)