I spoke with Captain Michael Bopp; President of the Crescent River Pilots.
  • There is no change in the draft at Cubit’s Gap at this time.  It remains at 46’.  They continue to monitor soundings.
Captain Bopp reported they will bring in approximately 45 vessels today, tonight, and tomorrow.
  • A list of the first 18 was shared this morning; but is attached again for your convenience.
  • Any listing of the remaining inbound vessels will be shared upon receipt.
  • CRPPA should be available to accept sailings (downbound) vessels tomorrow at approximately 10 am.
USCG Port State Control Supervisor Mr. John Cuddy reports the following regarding today’s vetted list:
One of our main systems has been pulled down for maintenance.  In turn, vessel NOAD’s have not been provided as of yet.
We have been told that the system will be back up at 1600 LT.  
At that point, my folks will prioritize vessels that would be entering less than 24 HRS and make an attempt to get them on the vetted list (most likely around 1800).
If the system is not back up and running a vetted list will not be provided today and we will get one out ASAP tomorrow.

Tuesday Jan 8 Inbound Convoy (Approx 1300 Local).pdf