LMR is open to navigation with the following notices:

1. The main navigation channel of the Sunshine Bridge is open. The alternate span is closed. Vessels are restricted to one-way traffic and must check in with the VTS. Burnside Anchorage is closed. (Click here)

2. USACE Mat Sinking Operations Update – Good Hope Revetment Operations MM 123.4 AHP will be conducted 0600-1900 (Local) beginning Nov 17, 2018. One-way traffic only. (Click here)

3. 12’ River Gauge Restrictions: NOBRA (Click here) CRPPA (Click here) USCG (Click here) and Federal PIlots (Click here). [Facilities that use boats to haul lines – (Click here)]

4. Aerial Filming Operations – There will be airborne filming of the LMR on Nov. 18-19. (Click here)