Southern Currents 18-035.pdf

SUBJECT:  Crewmen – Detention Prior to Examination

CBP has recently encountered instances where all crewmen on board vessels arriving in the United States were not onboard at the time of inspection.
This Southern Currents serves as a reminder that per 8 CFR § 252.1, all persons employed in any capacity on board any vessel arriving in the United States
shall be detained on board the vessel by the master or agent of such vessel until admitted or otherwise permitted to land by a CBP Officer.
Failure of the vessel master to detain crewmen onboard a vessel arriving in the United States until inspection may result in a monetary penalty.
Note, the above does not apply to crewmen on vessels arriving from a coastwise location that are within their authorized period of temporary landing (e.g. D-1 shore leave).
CBP New Orleans has recently begun issuing electronic CBP I-259 NOTICE TO DETAIN, REMOVE, OR PRESENT ALIEN forms to vessel agents/masters as a reminder of this requirement.
Upon completion of crew inspection, this form will be rescinded or updated as necessary.
As always, CBP will work with vessel agents/masters to accommodate crew business activities such as medical appointments or D-2 repatriations that are scheduled before a CBP officer inspects the crew.
Details for these requests should be conveyed to CBP during the telephonic or email Notice of Arrival submitted to the CBP Operations Desk.
Any questions regarding this information should be directed to Chief CBP Officer Kevin Alombro at (504) 670-2050 or
Troy Simon
Assistant Port Director
New Orleans, Louisiana