USCG/USCBP Procedures for Vessels That Depart/Re-Enter the LMR

USCG Procedures for Vessels that Depart the LMR at SWP and Re-Enters

The USCG Sector New Orleans Port State Control Vetted List specifies which vessels are:
Cleared to Enter
Not Cleared to Enter
Not Cleared to Depart

Pilots will not cross-in or cross-out any vessel on either “Not Cleared….” list.
The Vetted List is updated as vessels cross-n/cross-out SWP.

So, once a vessel crosses out SWP; it is removed from the Vetted List, and is no longer “Cleared to Enter”.

A vessel crosses out SWP, and goes to SWP Anchorage awaiting orders.
The vessel gets orders to return to the LMR.
Since the vessel did not proceed beyond the 12-Mile Limit, a new eNOA is not required.
However, the existing eNOA will need to be updated to provide facility information, etc.
Additionally, depending on the timing, the vessel may not be listed on the current Vetted List as Cleared to Enter.
Accordingly, the Pilots will not bring the vessel back in.
The key is communication from the agent to the arrivals desk on what the vessel intends to do.
Between the hours of 0600-1800, the Agent should contact the PSC Arrivals Desk (504) 365-2361 as soon as the agent receives information that the vessel is returning to the river.
After hours; the agent can contact the Sector Command Center @ (504) 365-2544.
Once the PSC clears the vessel, the USCG will notify the Pilots the vessel is cleared to enter.
USCBP’s Procedures
Attached is CBP’s Southern Currents 13-009 “Procedures for Vessels that Wish to Depart the Port of New Orleans to Await Orders or to Clean Cargo Holds”
“As discussed – If a vessel leaves the MS River and remains within three nautical miles (within the territorial sea), the vessel does not need to clear and will not be subject to tonnage tax on return.  If a vessel goes beyond three nautical miles she will need to clear and is subject to tonnage tax upon return to the same port.
Vessel movements within the port (within three nautical miles and within the MS River) only require notification to CBP.”
Mark S. Choina
Assistant Port Director
Port of New Orleans