Tropical Cyclone Development Outlook

Active Systems

Name Max Wind Classification Lat Lon
Debby 50 mph Tropical Storm 43.4N 45.4W

As of the 4 AM AST (3 AM CDT) advisory, Tropical Storm Debby was located about 440 miles southeast of SE Newfoundland. Debby was moving to the northeast near 12 mph. Debby is forecast to accelerate to the east-northeast later today, taking the storm into the open North Atlantic. Please see our latest advisory for more information.

Other Disturbances / Areas to Watch
Disturbance 25 has formed off of the coast of Africa along 22W. This is a tropical wave interacting with the monsoon trough. It is moving to the west near 15 mph. This motion is expected to continue. There is little support from the models for any significant tropical development. The chance of tropical development through the next 7 days is only 5 percent.

Disturbance 23 is along 57W. It is moving to the west-northwest near 20 mph. Later today, this disturbance will enhance rainfall and provide gusty winds for the Leeward and Windward Islands. However, tropical development is not expected.

In the middle of next week, some of the models are forecasting possible development near where Debby formed. If anything were to form there, it would likely follow a track similar to that of Debby. The chance of development to the southeast of Newfoundland is currently assessed to be 20 percent.

Meteorologist: Derek Ortt