USCG VTS: Minimum Safe Speed and Wide Breadth at MM 117.8 AHP 26Jul18 1100-2000

USCG is calling for Minimum Safe Speed and Wide Berth as follows:

  • Starting: Today, 26 July 2018 from 1100 to 2000 Hours Local
  • Location:  ADM @ MM 117.8 AHP, RDB
  • For:  Heavy Lift Operations, A Barge will extend 300’ of the dock.
Vessels contact:  MISS LORI and BRADEN RAY on Ch 67 and 74
The notice is below.
Starting today at 1100 to 2000 26Jul18 construction crews will began a Heavy Lift @ ADM MM 117.8 AHP RDB.  There will be a barge extending 300’ off the dock, minimum safe speed and wide breadth is requested from all vessels. Contac vessels are Miss Lori and Braden Ray standing by on Ch 67 and 74