Lower Mississippi River (LMR) Dredging Update 7618

The Corps of Engineers Mississippi Valley New Orleans (MVN) continues to respond to the shoaling, created by the extended high river stages of early 2018, in Southwest Pass and on the Crossings Above New Orleans.  The MVN is actively dredging on the Crossings Above New Orleans with all three dustpan dredges working to restore at least the central 250 feet of channel.  Federally authorized channel dimensions on the Crossings Above New Orleans are 45 feet by 500 feet.

UPDATE DUSTPAN DREDGES ON THE CROSSINGS ABOVE NEW ORLEANS:                                                                                                                  

WALLACE McGEORGE: The industry dustpan dredge WALLACE McGEORGE continues dredging full channel dimensions (500 feet) at Alhambra Crossing (Mile 192 AHP).  The NOBRA and Federal Pilots will not anchor vessels in the White Castle Anchorage (Mile 191.1 AHP to Mile 190.4 AHP) while the dustpan dredge works at this location.  The WALLACE McGEORGE is expected to complete this assignment by July 14, 2018.  The Pilots are coordinating with vessel traffic to keep the anchorage clear in order to promote navigational safety and allow the dredge to work without interruption.

The Carrollton Gauge reading at 1000 hours today was 6.92 feet, with a 24-hour change of + 0.46 feet.

The Baton Rouge Gauge reading at 1100 hours today was 22.05 feet, with a 24-hour change of + 0.87 feet.

The graph below is reproduced from NOAA’s National Weather Service website and represents an experimental product based on the complexity of accurately predicting long-range precipitation.  This forecast projects stage levels based on expected precipitation for 2 days (top) and 16 days (bottom) and was developed within the North American Ensemble Forecast System (NAEFS) computer model and highlights Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF).  Along with the forecasts, a shaded area is also provided to indicate uncertainty for the forecast each day in the future.   These plots are experimental and not an official forecast product.




The following is the sounding chart as distributed by the Port of New Orleans and details the location of the cutterhead dredge MIKE HOOKS.