Southern Currents 14-014.pdf

SUBJECT: UPDATE to Southern Currents 14-011 – Additional Guidance for Agriculture Reimbursable Overtime

As first stated in Southern Currents 14-011 dated May 24, 2014, agriculture reimbursable overtime will become available to expedite the movement of agriculture commodities at ports of entry. Such services will be authorized to be worked at ports of entry when specifically requested by entities/importers/brokers that require services for the inspection, the conduct or supervision of prescribed remedial actions, and/or safeguarding of agriculture commodities being imported into the U.S. Below is a list of expected scenarios where agriculture reimbursable overtime is expected to be requested and/or authorized.

  1. For the following, agriculture reimbursable overtime is considered to be requested upon presentation of CBP Form 3171 “APPLICATION-PERMIT-SPECIAL LICENSE UNLADING-LADING-OVERTIME SERVICES”. Note that the mere presentation of the form is considered to be the request:
    1. Initial vessel boardings from foreign outside of servicing employee’s core hours
    2. Remediation for an Emergency Action Notice (EAN) – e.g., AGM, Khapra beetle. Wood Packing Material (WPM) violations
    3. Vessel domestications
    4. Vessel re-boardings to break seals
    5. Inspections of cruise vessel passengers
  2. For the following, a letter or email requesting overtime (see attached samples) requesting overtime services must be presented:
    1. Non-compliant WPM manipulations (a CBP Form 3499 “Application and Approval to Manipulate, Sample of Transfer Goods” must also be submitted)
    2. Cargo inspections

The letter or email should be sent to the attention of Supervisory Agriculture Specialists Kendall Gaines (, Joe Carter ( and Chief CBPO Michael Ruiz (

CBP in the Area Port of New Orleans, which encompasses all ports in the state of Louisiana, intends to begin offering these services effective June 15,2014.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Supervisory Agriculture Specialist Kendall Gaines at 504-623-6667